A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Carpet Repairs

Carpeting isn’t exactly cheap, which is why we all want our carpets to last as long as possible. Carpets should look good as they age, too. A threadbare carpet is not particularly inviting to guests, and it doesn’t give your home that comfortable feeling. If you have recently installed new carpets, then one slip can […]

What To Do About Those Pesky House Mice

Many of us discover at some time or other that we have unwanted visitors in our houses. One of the most common are house mice. Whilst they might look cute and sweet, they are potential health risks so the best thing that you can do if you notice that they have moved in is to […]

Energy-Efficient Homes: Saving Energy in Your Bedrooms

Want to save energy in your home? There are many reasons to make your home more energy efficient so you use less power for heating and lighting. You save money on your heating and lighting bills when you put energy efficient practices into place. You help protect the planet’s resources by using energy more wisely. […]

How to Weatherproof Your Home for the Winter

Cardiff has not escaped the horrendous weather that has hit much of the country in recent weeks. The Met Office recently issued a severe weather warning over Wales for gales and heavy rain. Winds of up to 108 mph were recorded in the area, and almost 90,000 homes in Wales suffered power cuts. Winter and […]

Is it time to call the handyman?

A lot of people take pride in their DIY skills and everybody likes to think they can do jobs around the house for free. But sometimes even the most capable DIY enthusiast will find they just aren’t up to doing a task themselves. In these cases, it will not be hard to find a handyman […]

Get switched on!

You might not have devoted much time to thinking about the humble switch. You press a light switch and the light comes on; press again and the light goes off. It’s a simple process and yet, like most of the inventions we interact with on a daily basis, things are rarely as simple as they […]

How to Maintain Wooden Garden Furniture

We would all like to believe that we could buy our outdoor furniture and permanently leave it in position as it would always be there ready when we want to use it. Unfortunately, wooden garden furniture, like any wood in your garden, needs constant care and attention to keep it in tiptop condition. Wooden garden […]

Growing in a Greenhouse All Year Round

Do your neighbours consistently call around to your house to give you some of their organic fruit and vegetables that they’ve grown in their garden greenhouse? It probably doesn’t matter how often they come around, they still won’t bring you enough to keep you and your family in fresh organic produce seven days a week […]

The Benefits of a Polycarbonate Greenhouse

When you’re thinking of ways to add a greenhouse to your garden, your mind will almost certainly picture a wooden or metal greenhouse with glass panels. You wouldn’t immediately consider plastic to be an option for a greenhouse. Nevertheless, polycarbonate greenhouses are the favourite choice of people in the know. Polycarbonate or plastic greenhouses are […]

How to Grow All Year Round with a Garden Greenhouse

To be able to enter your greenhouse at any stage during the winter and pick a lemon to liven up your main course at dinner, along with a selection of out of season vegetables and an orange for dessert, needn’t just be a dream that belongs to other people. A garden greenhouse from Waltons can […]